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OVERNIGHT SUCCESS: An Inspiring Story About Culture, Results & The American Dream!

Follow the journey of one of America’s fastest growing motivational speakers that took him from the bright lights of New York City to the coal-mining hills of West Virginia, where a hospital doctor forever changed the purpose and direction of Morris Morrison’s life.  The energy of New York City, combined with Netflix, prison visits and the spirit of a coal-miner, form the backdrop of Morris Morrison’s unforgettable message that reads like a Hollywood script that you just can’t put down.  Overnight Success: An Inspiring Story About Culture, Results & The American Dream, vividly illustrates the life-changing culture that helped Morris Morrison survive after losing his birthparents in New York City and his second set of parents as a teen.  The timeless message of Overnight Success has inspired incredible results for many teams, organizations, and people of all ages - and it will re-energize the hearts and minds of all readers!  


This book will help YOU to…

Defeat the #1 KILLER of PROGRESS - instant gratification

Become ENERGIZED to live your life INTENTIONALLY

Use 7 Steps to TRANSITION your skills to the NEXT LEVEL

FIGHT HARDER when culture distracts your FOCUS

gain purpose by using YOUR STORY to help others

Be INSPIRED by A message that Keeps Your Attention


It will help your TEAM or ORGANIZATION to…

Be energized to hit the RESET BUTTON for a New start

Have a POSITIVE mindset during CHANGE & Transitions

achieve Clarity to FOCUS on what’s most important

Never stop FIGHTING to achieve PURPOSE that matters

Utilize a structured process to accelerate REAL RESULTS

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